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        KR Travel Co hosts content from our partners. We don’t sell tickets, hotel bookings etc..Our site allows you to search and compare travel offers. You pay directly to the partner you opted for his offer. Our advanced technology website generates the overview of the fairest deals with the best travel partners. When you are interested in an offer, you are redirected directly to the partner website to buy the service. All service requests are directly handled by the partner.

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          The use of the website is subject to its conditions. Easy Travel Co does not own the travel services or deals (flights, hotel bookings etc..) that you find through the site. Deals and services are owned and controlled by third parties partners (airline or travel agent). Those partners are responsible for the product. Their terms and privacy policies apply. You must always understand and agree on the terms before buying a service. Any interaction about a service you bought is to be done directly with its provider through its website or call centre.
KR Travel Co is in no way responsible for the accuracy or timeliness of a travel partner content. There is no guarantee of prices displayed on the site. Actual prices are displayed when you are redirected to the service provider. Our currency converter is for information purpose only. Always check the final price with the partner and if fees apply on credit card etc..
It is your responsibility to ensure understanding of your travel booking (airport name, transit and connecting times/airports, baggage transfer, service terms and conditions etc..). Your purchase is directly made with the partner and KR Travel Co only acts as a search & price comparison tool.
In case of any enquiry, change or dispute about the service you bought, you have to contact your service provider via his recommended communication solutions (call centre, email, contact form etc..).

    • Limitation of Warranty

 KR Travel Co is not responsible for the travel partner website content.

  • Order and payment Information
          Our website contains links to our partner websites and their privacy policy applies. Since you pay directly to our partners on their websites, we have no visibility of your booking information (price, credit card or booking details etc..). Therefore, you have to contact them directly in case of cancellation or change to the service you bought with them. KR Travel Co is a search tool that helps you to find deals and all your booking transactions are to be dealt directly with the service provider.

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